Robert Rattray Tatlock (1837-1934), Public Analyst for Glasgow

D. Thorburn Burns, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, The Queens’ University of Belfast, Belfast, BT9 5AG.


    Continuing the series of essays on exemplar Public Analysts from the 19th and early 20th centuries, the studies on Cameron (Ireland) and Wynter Blythe (southern England) are complimented by the present account of Tatlock of Scotland. Tatlock became an experienced expert witness and published a respectable number of papers including several on calibration and on international standards for sampling and analysis, topics that find contemporary resonance, as too do his studies on whisky. He was active and influential in several professional bodies becoming President of the Society of Public Analysts and the first President of the Association of Public Analysts for Scotland. In his wide general practice in analytical science and published studies he is shown to be an exemplar Public Analyst and a worthy forerunner of the highly regarded service provided by Scottish Public Analyst laboratories of today.

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