Volume 38

JAPA (Online) (2010) Volume 38 pg 1-12
Sample Preparation and DNA Extraction for the Detection of Allergenic Nut Materials
Hernan Valdivia and Malcolm Burns

JAPA (Online) (2010) Volume 38 pg 13-23
The Effect of Superchilling and Rapid Freezing on the HADH Assay for Chicken and Turkey

Paul Lawrance, Mark Woolfe, Chrissie Tsampazi


Volume 39

JAPA (Online) (2011) Volume 39 pg 01-12
Intense Sweeteners and Preservatives: Contemporary Regulation and Historical Baseline Data of the Nature and Amounts in Soft Drinks on open sale in Northern Ireland
M J Walker, J Mairs and D Thorburn Burns

JAPA (Online) (2011) Volume 39 pg 13-37
Collaborative Trial of a Method for the Determination of Sucralose in Foods

Kirstin Gray, Brian Stuart, Steve Ellison, Selvarani Elahi, Pete Colwell, Roger Wood and Andrew P. Damant

JAPA (Online) (2011) Volume 39 pg 39-43
Robert Rattray Tatlock (1837-1934) Public Analyst for Glasgow
D Thorburn Burns

JAPA (Online) (2011) Volume 39 pg 44-78
Nitrogen Factors for Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, farmed in Scotland and in Norway and for the derived ingredient, “Salmon Frame Mince”, in Fish Products.
Peter Colwell, Stephen L. R. Ellison, Michael J. Walker, Selvarani Elahi, Duncan Thorburn Burns and Kirstin Gray


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