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The Journal of the Association of Public Analysts (JAPA) was published in printed format from 1963 to 1997 as ISSN 0004-5780. For a number of reasons publication was suspended after Volume 33, 1997.

Now that desktop publications packages have become readily accessible re-launching the Journal in electronic format and making it freely available over the internet has become possible.

The first paper in the new format was published in January 2006. For continuity the numbering system for the online format started at Volume 34. The links below go to a summary page from where the full text of the paper may be obtained in pdf format.

Enquiries, and papers intended for publication, should be directed to the JAPA Editor

Latest Papers

APA (Online)(2018) Volume 46 pg 32-40
Joan Davena Peden, BSc, C Chem, FRSC, MChemA, (1920-1997) - An Exemplar Public Analyst and the First Female President of the Association of Public Analysts
D Thorburn Burns and MJ Walker

APA (Online)(2018) Volume 46 pg 20-31
Targeting of Analytical Sampling - Avoiding the Echo-Chamber Trap
John Points, Consultant Analytical Scientist, UK

APA (Online)(2018) Volume 46 pg 09-19
Gordon Wickham Monier-Williams OBE, MC, MA, PhD, FRIC (1881-1964)
D Thorburn Burns and Michael J Walker

APA (Online)(2018) Volume 46 pg 01-08
Injury and Induration: - George William Wigner and Cleopatra’s Needle

Chris Elliott, Doctoral student in Archaeology, University of Southampton

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 41-73
A Validated LC-HRMS Method for the Detection of T-2 and HT-2 Toxins in Cereals
Bryan J McCullough and Christopher J Hopley

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 23-40
A Brief Review of Current Bioinformatics Decision Support System (DSS) Tools for Screening for GMOs in the EU using PCR-Based Approaches
Timothy Wilkes, Laurie Hall and Malcolm Burns

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 01-22
Aflatoxins in Groundnuts – Assessment of the Effectiveness of EU Sampling and UK Enforcement Sample Preparation Procedures

Michael Walker, Peter Colwell, Simon Cowen, Stephen LR Ellison, Kirstin Gray, Selvarani Elahi, Peter Farnell, Phillip Slack and D Thorburn Burns


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