Volume 40

JAPA (Online) (2012) Volume 40 pg 1-12
Estimation of Fat-Free Cocoa Solids in Chocolate and Cocoa Products – Global Survey of Typical Concentrations of Theobromine and Caffeine Determined by HPLC
Alan Richards and Brian Wailes

JAPA (Online) (2012) Volume 40 pg 13-27
Inter-laboratory Comparison Programme on Sudan Dyes in Chilli Powder
Yiu-chung Wong

JAPA (Online) (2012) Volume 40 pg 28-38
Feasibility Study into the Use of DNA Sequencing for the Identification of Probiotic Bacteria

Claire Bushell and Malcolm Burns1

JAPA (Online) (2012) Volume 40 pg 39-59
The Life and Times of Alfred Henry Allen, Sheffield's First Public Analyst
Peter Clare(a) and Michele Clare, formerly of AH Allen and Partners

JAPA (Online)(2012) Volume 40 pg 60-80
Papers Presented at the Government Chemist Conference held on 8-9th May 2012

Volume 41

JAPA (Online)(2013) Volume 41 pg 1-27
Quis custodiet – a Review of the Resolution of Disputed Chemical Results
in the UK Official Feed and Food Control System 2010 – 2011
Michael J Walker and Kirstin Gray 

JAPA (Online)(2013) Volume 41 pg 28-44
The Background and Implications of the "New SI" for Analytical Chemists
D Thoburn Burns and EH Korte

JAPA (Online)(2013) Volume 41 pg 45-52
Development of an in-house Plasmid Control for Cauliflower Mosaic Virus (CaMV)for the Detection of
Genetically Modified (GM) Chinese Rice Lines

Malcolm Burns, Gavin Nixon, Michael Walker, Eloise Busby

JAPA (Online)(2013) Volume 41 pg 53-66
The Application of DNA Molecular Approaches for the Identification of Herbal Medicinal Products
Alice Gutteridge, Malcolm Burns

JAPA (Online)(2013) Volume 41 pg 67-106
Horse Meat in Beef Products- Species Substitution 2013
Michael J Walker,, Malcolm Burns and D Thorburn Burns

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