Volume 42

JAPA (Online)(2014) Volume 42 pg 01-17
Method Verification of the LOD Associated with PCR Approaches for the Detection of Horse Meat
Eloise Busby and Malcolm Burns

JAPA (Online)(2014) Volume 42 pg 18-34
Effect of Spiking Contact Times on the Analytical Recovery of Aflatoxins
Kirstin Gray, Dionisis Theodosis, Magdalena Mazur, Jesus Minguez, Simon Cowen, Selvarani Elahi and Michael Walker

JAPA (Online)(2014) Volume 42 pg 35-60
A Simple DNA-Based Screening Approach for the Detection of Crop Species in Processed Food Materials
Eloise Busby and Malcolm Burns


Volume 43

JAPA (Online)(2015) Volume 43 pg 01-12
The Market Rules
Claire Grant, BA, MPhil, PhD (Cantab), Tutor in Philosophy, University of Cambridge, England.

JAPA (Online)(2015) Volume 43 pg 13-26
Edmund Albert Letts (1852-1918) – A Pioneer Environmental Analytical Chemist and his Association with Official Analytical Posts in Ulster

D Thorburn Burns and Michael J Walker

JAPA (Online)(2015) Volume 43 pg 27-28
Letter to the Editor

D Thorburn Burns and Michael J Walker

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