JAPA (Online) 2016
Vol 44 pg 12-17

Searching the Chemical Literature: a Brief Guide to a Comprehensive Literature Review (with particular reference to analytical chemistry)

D Thorburn Burns and MJ Walker

a Institute of Global Food Security, The Queen’s University of Belfast, BT9 5HN, UK,
  (to whom correspondence should be addressed, d.t.burns@qub.ac.uk)
b Michael Walker Consulting Ltd., Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland BT36 5WP


A literature review yields good knowledge of prior work on a topic and is essential to efficient working and publication of current work in a fair and transparent manner. There have been many advances in access to the literature in recent years and it appeared timely to the authors to offer some up-to-date guidance. Thus, a brief systematic four-stage process is outlined in order to produce a comprehensive, transparent and accurate review of all relevant earlier work prior to any discussion of claims of originality of concepts or of applications in publications of recent research findings.

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