Volume 36

JAPA (Online) (2008) Volume 36 pg 1-18
Food Allergen Detection: A Literature Review 2004 - 2007
M J Walker, P Colwell, S Elahi, K Gray and I Lumley


Volume 37

JAPA (Online) (2009) Volume 37 pg 1-13
A Cross-border Method Validation for the Determination of Sweeteners in Soft Drinks
M. J. Walker, J. McShane, D. Thorburn Burns, P. Canavan and A. Flanagan

JAPA (Online) (2009) Volume 37 pg 14-39
Sir Charles Alexander Cameron (1830-1921) - Dublin’s Medical Superintendent, Executive Officer of Health, Public Analyst and Inspector of Explosives
D Thorburn Burns

JAPA (Online) (2009) Volume 37 pg 40-60
A Tutorial Discussion of the use of the terms "Robust" and "Rugged" and the Associated Characteristics of "Robustness" and "Ruggedness" as used in Descriptions of Analytical Procedures
Duncan Thorburn Burns, Klaus Danzer and Alan Townshend


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