Volume 44

JAPA (Online)(2016) Volume 44 pg 01-11
Development of a new “Fast GC-MS” System for Multi-drug Analyses
Danny Rich, Jen Green, Sarah Denham, Linda French, Glenn Taylor, Declan P Naughton

JAPA (Online)(2016) Volume 44 pg 12-17
Searching the Chemical Literature: a Brief Guide to a Comprehensive Literature Review
(with particular reference to analytical chemistry)
D Thorburn Burns and MJ Walker

JAPA (Online)(2016) Volume 44 pg 18-39
Illegal Dyes in Food and Spices – A 2006 LGC LC-UV/Visible Method Reviewed and
Updated for 19 Dyes
KM Gray, MJ Walker, MJS Burn, M Mazur, K Niedzwiedzka, K Lizka and D Thorburn Burns

JAPA (Online)(2016) Volume 44 pg 40-50
Recent Developments in DNA-Based Screening Approaches for Detection of GMO’s
Timothy Wilkes, Gavin Nixon and Malcolm Burns

JAPA (Online)(2016) Volume 44 pg 51-66
A Review of Methods for the Simultaneous Detection of Illegal Ingredients in Food Supplements
Michael J Walker, Declan P Naughton, Nawed Deshmukh and D Thorburn Burns

Volume 45

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 01-22
Aflatoxins in Groundnuts – Assessment of the Effectiveness of EU Sampling and UK Enforcement Sample Preparation Procedures

Michael Walker, Peter Colwell, Simon Cowen, Stephen LR Ellison, Kirstin Gray, Selvarani Elahi, Peter Farnell, Phillip Slack and D Thorburn Burns

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 23-40
A Brief Review of Current Bioinformatics Decision Support System (DSS) Tools for Screening for GMOs in the EU using PCR-Based Approaches

Timothy Wilkes, Laurie Hall and Malcolm Burns

APA (Online)(2017) Volume 45 pg 41-73
A Validated LC-HRMS Method for the Detection of T-2 and HT-2 Toxins in Cereals
Bryan J McCullough and Christopher J Hopley


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